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Designed for juniors and rising seniors, this package provides comprehensive support for all aspects of the college search and application process, including:

  • Initial Consultation:

Complimentary information session providing an overview of the current college admissions landscape and application process.

  • Transcript and Activities Review:

Advice on high school course selection, extracurriculars, community service, and summer activities.

  • Personalized Action Plan:

A step-by-step timeline to help you manage key milestones, including testing, college research, and application deadlines.

  • College Planner Pro:

Access to college search software for research, organization, and communication throughout the process.

  • Student Assessments:

Analysis of personality, aptitudes, and interests to help identify potential majors and careers.

  • Standardized Test Strategy:

Development of a testing plan, and guidance on whether to apply test optional.

  • Resume Creation:

Access to templates and review of format and content.

  • College List Development:

Delivery of a carefully curated, balanced list aligning with your academic, social, and financial goals.

  • Interview Preparation:

Assistance in refining skills and building confidence through mock interviews.

  • Essay Support:

Assistance with brainstorming, topic selection, and editing of the Personal Statement, supplements, and UC Personal Insight Questions.

  • The Application:

Guidance on completing all sections of the Common App, UC App, and school-specific applications, including a comprehensive final review before submission.

  • Application Strategy:

Exploration of ED, EA, restricted EA, and RD options, as well as how to show demonstrated interest.

  • Financial Aid Overview:

General overview of financial aid, including federal and institutional aid, merit and need-based scholarships, FAFSA, and the CSS profile.


Designed exclusively for students seeking essay assistance, this package covers the entire process, from brainstorming topics and developing content to structuring the essay and giving it that final polish.

With so many colleges now adopting a test-optional approach, the essay carries more weight than ever. It’s not merely about presenting a laundry list of achievements but about crafting a narrative that leaves a lasting impression. An engaging, authentic, and reflective essay is crucial, allowing admissions officers to understand a student’s character and values. It should provide insight into what the student brings to the college community and how they will contribute to the campus.

Want to learn more? Contact Suzanne for a complimentary consultation and pricing.
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