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Let's Build Your Story Together.

Applying to college can be overwhelming. The emphasis on meeting academic standards and excelling in standardized tests often overshadows the importance of finding the right fit school. But the application process is not just about grades and test scores. It’s about discovering your passions, celebrating your individuality, and showcasing your best self.

Drawing on my extensive background in storytelling, my goal is to empower you to discover your authentic voice and weave your unique personal narrative into a compelling profile that resonates with admissions committees.

Through a highly personalized approach, I provide individually tailored guidance and support throughout the entire process, taking the time to truly understand your strengths, interests, and learning style to match you with the right schools socially and academically where you’ll be happy and thrive.

Whether you have your future mapped out or are uncertain of the road ahead, I’ll be your trusted partner, keeping you focused and on track, so you can tackle the admissions process with confidence and clarity.

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